Why I Created Glitter Princess Sessions

One of my favorite questions I get to answer is all about my glitter princess packages. So many friends, clients, and total strangers have asked me how I came up with the idea and why I started these sessions in the first place.

Well, the first thing you have to know about me is that I’m a total girly girl.

I had always wanted to share my love of ball gowns, tiaras, and everything pink with my children, but my two boys(understandably) wanted absolutely nothing to do with dress up time. While I love to indulge their interests, I also knew I wanted to create something a little more feminine in my life – and photography was the perfect way to do that.

Kids can get shy or uncomfortable in front of a camera, especially young girls.

They cover up their true self instead of being free and letting loose. I knew that I needed to offer them something tangible to connect with, to free up their imagination and run wild with it. 

The one thing that kept coming to mind was glitter. It shimmers and sparkles; it can turn a completely mundane room into a snowy wonderland or magical paradise. Glitter is the gateway to our world of imagination.

And yet so many parents hate glitter. I get that: it’s messy, it gets everywhere and sticks to everything, and it’s next to impossible to fully clean up.

But… it sparked my imagination and that’s when it all came together: glitter princess sessions. 

I didn’t see anything like it being done, but as soon as it came to mind I knew it would give the girls the confidence boost they needed and give me that dose of femininity I was looking for as well.

Through these sessions, I help girls create their perfect princess fantasy and turn it into reality. It’s not just about being a princess, but about what kind of princess they want to be; it says a lot about what they value and what kind of woman they want to grow up to be.

These girls are choosing to be fearless warrior princesses, strong ballerina princesses, and adventurous mermaid princesses. They are filled with confidence and poise which extend long after our photoshoot.

I love seeing the girls light up when they pick out a dress that totally expresses their personality. I get excited seeing them relax into themselves as they choose their accessories: tiaras, jewels, feather boas, etc. And I seeing parents smile as their daughters make a total mess they don’t have to clean up brings a grin to my face too.

Glitter Princess sessions allow me to capture these princesses as their true selves, because the glitter opens them up to their own unique worlds.

Want to see your daughter step into her power, truly expressing herself, and capture it forever? Learn more about booking a glitter princess session for the little girl in your life.

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