Summer is a time for fun, sun and relaxation. But when you’re stuck home with a team of kids to entertain, it can seem a bit more daunting. I cringe every time I hear my child tell me they’re bored. So, in an effort to combat that, I’ve tried to proactively plan activities for our summer break to keep everyone happy.

It can be very tempting to just throw on the TV or fire up the video game console when you’re stuck home with the kids all day. And I’d be a liar if I said I haven’t done it. But we all know there are much better ways to entertain your kids and get their creative juices flowing.

Something I focus on as a photographer is inspiring kids to explore their own personalities. I provide props, costumes and settings where they can truly be themselves. Here are some activities you can try at home with your kids to do the same thing: let them explore their personalities, be creative and surprise themselves.


Home museum

Set up your dining room table with all the fix ins for a full-on art project. Raid the dollar store with all the arts and crafts supplies they have to offer. Construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, stickers, glitter, clay, you name it! And let their imagination run wild. Set up empty frames and stools around the house them to put their art on display. Then invite some family and friends over for a “showing”. They’ll feel proud seeing their masterpieces and sharing them with the family and friends who come over. Plus, you’ll have kept them busy ALL day!


Putting on a show

Turning your morning breakfast into a “director meeting”. Let them brainstorm some ideas for a show. It can be a concert, play or even choreographed dance performance. They can spend the day creating sets and costumes and scripts. Then, after dinner, they can perform their work for the family. It’ll be a great opportunity for them to explore their talents and really show them off.



Stock the fridge with some kid friendly ingredients. Fill a box up with certain ones and have them make a dish out of them. Maybe you set them up with marshmallows, graham crackers and they’re favorite chocolate bars and they can make their own special version of a s’mores. Let them get messy and see what they come up with.


Whatever you and your family find yourself doing this summer, make sure to keep a strong focus on the kids. They’re used to the structure and discipline of school during the year, and summer is their chance to let loose and explore who they really are.

And if you want to sign up for a personalized session with your little one and let them choose whoever they want to be that day, I am more than happy to facilitate that. Click here to contact me today!

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