The Petersons: A Playful Family Portrait

A Dynamic Family

I met the Peterson family through Elizabeth, who is one heck of a family eye doctor! She and her husband Glenn are the proud parents of Avery, Daely, and Lane. Avery is the oldest, but she isn’t your typical shy pre-teen. Sure, she’s quiet, but there’s a layer of wisdom in her seriousness that she easily sheds when she’s with her two sisters.

Lane and Daely are twins, but couldn’t be more different. While Lane is unabashedly silly, quick to make absurd faces, and full of gleeful smiles, Daely transformed into a young model in front of the camera lens. She was beyond comfortable striking poses and loved every minute of it.

Good Morrow Photography - 2018 12 19 0010

I love when families incorporate their pets into their family portraits like the Peterson’s did. Knox is a wily, young pup full of energy, and seems to thrive off the girls’ playful vibe.

I was so excited when they chose me to be their family photographer this year, and knew the exact spot I wanted to take them for an outdoor fall portrait session.

Of course, you can’t always get what you want.

Good Morrow Photography - 2018 12 19 0001

A Solution For Every Challenge

I envisioned a relaxing afternoon snapping photos of this gorgeous family, but we ran into more challenges than I anticipated!

Another photographer had taken the exact spot I had in mind to do mini sessions, which meant I needed to be quick on my feet. Luckily, we had the most beautiful natural light on the day of our session, which made exploring for a new location a blast for all of us – especially Knox.

Knox presented yet another challenge: he is a runner… and he’s fast! The afternoon quickly became a question of whether I could actually capture him as more than a blur across my camera lens.  

Good Morrow Photography - 2018 12 19 0005

The Results

Not only did I capture some great shots of Knox with my camera, but our exploring led us to brand new locations that were even better than the original spot I had in mind. I had an absolute blast photographing this loving family, their playful girls, and their energetic dog!  We also got an extra special treat when Knox chased some deer near us!  The twins were quite set on seeing how close they could get the deer without scaring them off.  Which resulted in an amazing photo!

What do you think of their final images?

Good Morrow Photography - 2018 12 19 0011

Good Morrow Photography - 2018 12 19 0004 Good Morrow Photography - 2018 12 19 0012Twin sisters with deer at Mount Falcon

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