How to choose a location for your next photoshoot

You’re super stoked. You’ve just picked a stellar photographer whose work you absolutely love! You’re reading articles about what to wear and maybe even practices your poses in the mirror 😉

— but you’ve still got to figure out where you’re going to do your photoshoot.

Not to worry! I’ve got you covered. There are 2 secret question that will help get you on track. It all comes back to what actually makes a good location choice for a photo shoot.

What story are you telling?

Whatever your reason for this photoshoot (family portrait, engagement photos, fashion editorial, etc.), there’s a story you’re sharing in these images.

Are you announcing your upcoming nuptials to friends and family? Introducing a new family member to the world? Capturing your family life at this moment in time?

Every photo tells a story. So, ask yourself what story am I telling?

Then consider what kinds of locations would add to that story?

Maybe the ice creamery where you had your first date? In the sweetly-decorated nursery of your newly arrived little one? Your favorite park to go hiking as a family?

Locations also tell a story, so choosing a memorable spot can really enhance what you share.

What kind of logistics are you working with?

Logistics play a bigger role in choosing a location than you might expect, because the nitty gritty details of when, where, how, etc. will dramatically impact your photoshoot on the day of.

Is it the snowiest recorded winter in history? Middle of rainy season? Do you already know you want to wear your favorite pair of sky-high heels? Are you trying to coordinate a big group?

These are the types of questions you need to grapple with, because they’ll often have an obvious answer attached to them.

It usually rains every month in April, so an indoor studio shoot is the way to go. Trying to get 35 people into a group shot means we’ll need a big space. Can’t traverse over rocks (or even pebbles) in those sky-high heels, so smooth surfaces is essential.

See what I mean? Understanding the logistics you’ll be working with will rule out at least a handful of possibilities, helping you get clearer about what to choose.

Still not sure? Here’s the answer.

If you’re still uncertain about the best location for your next photoshoot, I’ll give you an easy answer.

Ask your photographer!

Your photographer has scouted locations all over the city and surrounding areas, so you know she’s got ideas. She already knows where the sunlight hits just right for a swoon-worthy romantic shot. She’s already been to the edgy abandoned buildings that make for killer high school photos. And she’s got an incredible indoor studio with props and lights, and everything else you need to have an perfect photoshoot.

Want to hear my location ideas? Contact me to set up a call.

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