Headshots & Branding

YOU are Your Company

Are you a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur? 

Do you understand the importance of a personal brand for today’s business professional? 

Customers do business with people they know, like, and trust. 

Are you a company with a focused mission to go out and make the world a better place? If that sounds like the sort of business you are building, it’s time to actively work on getting your message out there. 

How can you get the word out about what you are building?

How do you get HEARD?

How do you get SEEN?

How do you start earning trust with your audience so that they turn to you when in need?

It’s all about branding. Since YOU are your company, you need to get your face, your voice, and your mission out in the world in a BIG way. 

It’s time to put yourself out there so you can get FOUND.



Nothing says you don’t take your business seriously like a selfie. 

You’ve seen them. Photos of people at the beach, someone cropped out of a personal image, or (the absolute worst) shots standing in front of a bathroom mirror. You may think it’s a great picture of you but selfies immediately tell the audience that you’re not ready for the big league. 

Investing in quality, professional headshots is your way of telling the world that you take your business seriously and you are ready to make an impact!

Your professional headshot is, quite literally, the first impression you are making with most of your leads and potential clients. 

What do you want that photo to say about you?

How can you use professional headshots?

  • On your website
  • In your bio
  • On your social media marketing channels
  • In your marketing materials
  • When pitching another brand or media company
  • In your email marketing
  • In a marketing or influencer marketing campaign
  • On a speaker one sheet or flyer

Imagine all the marketing materials and content you could be creating for your business if you had a professional headshot!

Most of our headshots are shot in a natural environment such as an office, outdoors, or in a mutually agreed upon location.

Studio headshots are only offered once or twice a year.

Brand Photography

We specialize in capturing the ‘real you’ in your branded images. If your business is creating marketing materials or maintaining a consistent presence online, you know the importance of creative, branded photos. 

Truly great brand photography tells a story… YOUR Story

People desperately want to connect with someone who is authentic and real. Brand photos give insights into your business’ story and what it will be like to work with you. 

Brand photography is especially important for thought leaders, coaches, authors, artists, influencers, or any business building their brand on social media. Start building your social media image library with a brand photography session.

One thing we can promise with your branded photos is that you’ll never feel more SEEN and understood

Let’s team up to capture your brand essence.

Get ready to connect, gain more attention, and reach further with your business this year!


"Natalie is just so caring and takes the time to make you comfortable in front of the camera. Her headshots are professional and eye catching! Thank you so much Natalie for helping me get my look together."


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