Charity Spotlight: Heart & Hand

I feel so honored to share this cause with you. Heart & Hand is a Denver-based charity organization that is on a mission to remake the world without an opportunity gap.

Founded in 2010, Heart & Hand is creating an environment where all children have access to the resources, skills, and information they need to build vibrant futures. And you can see it happen in a day like the one I was invited to photograph.

Good Morrow Photography - 2019 04 26 0006

I had the privilege of capturing an afternoon of children studying, learning, playing, engaging, exercising, chatting, and being kids! It was heartwarming enough to melt even the Grinch’s heart!

Heart & Hand invited me to be a fly on the wall during one of their many after school programs to photograph a typical day for their annual report. Heart & Hand provides after school support in elementary and middle schools with a population where most students qualify for free and reduced lunches.

Good Morrow Photography - 2019 04 26 0007

For high school students and recent graduates, Heart & Hand also provides one-on-one mentoring focused for college planning and career building. Talk about making a massive impact!

This organization is close to my heart because they are truly doing the work required to empower all young people to realize their potential. I believe we’re all naturally endowed with wonderful and unique talents, and that we can all make a difference and positively impact the world around us.

Good Morrow Photography - 2019 04 26 0008

Heart & Hand is teaching these children and young adults the exact same thing, and giving them the tools and resources to pursue their dreams.

I was thrilled to photograph these students as they sat in study groups working on homework assignments, on the playground as they got active, and in the cafeteria as they socialized over snacks.

I could tell they were excited to have me there as well! As I was taking headshots, one boy would smile every time I put my camera down, but it would disappear the moment I brought the lens up to my eye. So, I made a game of it! In short time, we were both smiling and laughing — and you better believe I got that on camera!

Good Morrow Photography - 2019 04 26 0004

Heart & Hand provides 826 hours of programming every year — for each individual student! But their work extends beyond the classroom.

In addition to academic enrichment, Hand & Heart creates opportunities for students to engage socially, explore their creative sides, and enjoy nutritionally-rich meals. They even work with parents and families to provide support and resources.

Good Morrow Photography - 2019 04 26 0010

At the end of the day, Heart & Hand has created a safe environment for low-income students that has provided them with opportunities they would not have otherwise been able to experience. Every day they are narrowing the opportunity gap, and I believe that’s a cause worth sharing!

And if you agree — which I think you will! — please spread the word about this awesome organization.

Learn more about this amazing organization by clicking here:

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