Charity Spotlight: Heart & Hand

Founded in 2010, Heart & Hand is creating an environment where all children have access to the resources, skills, and information they need to build vibrant futures.


NOLA Wedding Photography Experience

It was a chilly, rain-soaked day filled with fog, but I was thrilled to be in New Orleans. I kiss my hubby, kids, and fur babies goodbye to trek from the Rocky Mountains to the infamous French Quarter for a photography workshop with Twig & Olive Photography — and it was everything I dreamed it would…

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How to choose a location for your next photoshoot

You’re super stoked. You’ve just picked a stellar photographer whose work you absolutely love! You’re reading articles about what to wear and maybe even practices your poses in the mirror 😉 — but you’ve still got to figure out where you’re going to do your photoshoot. Not to worry! I’ve got you covered. There are 2…

Why unicorn poop will make or break your kid’s photo shoot

Yup, unicorn poop is totally a thing. And as a photographer consistently trying to get young kids to relax, let loose, and be themselves, it has been a total game changer! What is it, you ask? It’s a verbal cue that I use to connect with your kids, get them laughing, and help them show…

52 Weeks of Dogs Featured Image

52 Weeks of Dogs: A Personal Project

52 Weeks of Dogs is a personal project I came up with after losing my sweet baby girl of 14 years, last fall.  After digging through all of her photographs I realized I didn’t have any photos with her, or any of her with my kids.  It’s been one of the hardest things knowing that…

Peterson Family Portrait

The Petersons: A Playful Family Portrait

A Dynamic Family I met the Peterson family through Elizabeth, who is one heck of a family eye doctor! She and her husband Glenn are the proud parents of Avery, Daely, and Lane. Avery is the oldest, but she isn’t your typical shy pre-teen. Sure, she’s quiet, but there’s a layer of wisdom in her…

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What really goes into the editing process

Snapping photos and capturing my subject’s natural beauty is only half of my job. After the photoshoot ends and I’ve packed up my camera equipment, I have several more hours of work – although I don’t really see it as work because I absolutely love it – to edit a raw image to the final…

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Avery: FearlessWarrior + Elegant Fashionista

The Princess Problem I was so excited to travel to North Carolina to have a very special photography session with Avery. I knew from her mom, Amber, that Avery was a super energetic outgoing 4-year-old.  She is one adorable chatterbox and loves to talk to anyone who will listen! Avery has always considered herself to…

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How to prepare for your holiday family portrait

The holidays always bring a mixture of excitement and stress for just about every family. Planning a holiday family portrait is a great way to capture the memories of this year and the time you spent together as a family, but without proper preparation it can also add to your stress. Here are 5 tips to…

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A personal post about life, love and loss.

Two weeks ago we lost out sweet girl Luna and yesterday we lost our old man cat McCavity.  I’m going to painfully honest here. I hope you will tough it out with me. I have tons of pictures of them both.  Beautiful photos of their loving faces.  What I don’t have are photos of me…

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