Avery: FearlessWarrior + Elegant Fashionista

The Princess Problem

I was so excited to travel to North Carolina to have a very special photography session with Avery. I knew from her mom, Amber, that Avery was a super energetic outgoing 4-year-old.  She is one adorable chatterbox and loves to talk to anyone who will listen!

Avery has always considered herself to be an aspiring princess, but as she’s grown, she’s shifted her very specific princess aspirations to a more discerning “FancyNancy” dream – something I love! Why? It means she sees herself as so much more than just a princess. And that she is!  

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A Fancy Solution

Because I craft every princess photography session around the princess being photographed, I wanted to ensure Avery’s distinct vision of herself was represented. 

Amber has previously shared with me that Avery’s favorite color was green, so it was a thrill to see Avery’s face light up when I pulled out this extravagant emerald green gown. The dress took up about half of my suitcase and it was completely worth it!

With Amber’s insider city knowledge, we scouted locations in nature with rustic scenery, so Avery could interact comfortably with her surroundings. It had the added benefit of creating a contrast from Avery’s “fanciness” so she would shine in every photo.

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The Results

Avery has a natural way of lighting up a room. Dancing and performing come effortlessly to her, so I provided her with little to no direction, instead following her with my camera. 

She’s unafraid of being herself, so I focused on capturing her demeanor and expressions, which is why you’ll see photos of her looking like a fearless warrior, a silly tomboy, and an elegant fashionista – those are all the facets of Avery! 

Avery STILL talks about her session with“MsNatalie” and her “poofy dress” and has often asked when you’re coming back to visit” – Amber

children's portraits, outdoors, princess, ball gown, child and family photographer, travel photographer,


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