Through my lens, I am delighted to see the world differently.

I believe that in imagery, we can show what the world could be: full of love, light, and wonder. We see glimpses of it, especially in young children, animals, and loving moments, because they aren’t afraid to be who they are, and we get to see their playful nature shine out.

This why I strive to capture those tender moments, the kind that we don’t typically get to see when someone says ‘cheese’. These moments are something we could all use a little more of in the world.


I love seeing the smiles on parent’s faces when their two boys grab hands and hug each other because those were the same two boys bickering in the car ride over to their photoshoot.

I love witnessing the swell of pride when I show pet parents their final images because they finally get to see how their dog looks at them: with admiration and devotion.

I love watching the sparkle of confidence in the eyes of shy, little girls when they step into their princess dresses and their true personality comes out to play.


Your little ones only stay little for so long. As a mother, I watch my kids and my fur babies grow up, and as they evolve and change, so do their interests and personality. Will your little girl always love fairies? Will your little boy soon be too cool for school?

You can never get those moments back, but you can capture them so they can always be cherished.

Photography has always been my passion, but it wasn’t until I discovered I could capture these special moments that I started Good Morrow Photography. In many ways, I’m still a kid at heart. I love dress up and glitter, and I can talk about unicorn poop for hours. It’s also my secret to connecting with my subjects, so they feel right home in front of my lens.

Every photo I capture reminds me that it’s a celebration to be silly and spontaneous because those candid moments are completely authentic and uninhibited. I would be honored to capture those moments in your family’s life.

View my portfolio to see the moments I’ve captured and follow me on Instagram to see the behind the scenes.

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"A huge thank you to Natalie Morrow with Good Morrow Photography, Inc. for our incredible family photos, taken a few weeks ago at the Tucson Arizona Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Natalie resides in Colorado but was visiting her family in Tucson and it all just worked out perfectly to capture our family's time in the desert before we return to the tropical climate and beaches of Florida. The kids were, let's say, less than behaved (even though they had a good prep talk beforehand). In all fairness, they didn't have much down time between school and the photos, so they were a bit wired. Next time, I'll have them running laps beforehand! But Natalie was cool and easy-going and it didn't seem to phase her one bit. She is a true professional and her love for capturing moments is evident in her work. Natalie and her family were such a pleasure to plan a vacation for, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to support her business too. Thank you, Natalie, for these beautiful photos we will forever cherish!"

Brianna Boyce Hill

"Thank you for capturing her beauty the way we see it!"


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